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nocturnal_rose ([personal profile] nocturnal_rose) wrote2012-02-17 08:28 pm

My first entry

I think I love this place. Oh My God.
Anyways for anyone that happens to stumble upon this blog,[Be it new friend or lj friend or something along those lines]
I will more then likely make this entry friends only as circumstances change but as of right now I live in Bullhead City Arizona, having a really hard time right now too my solice is that I can get online [when I can] and its partially what keeps me sane. I'm a major book worm and a huge foodie and I basically just hope that you all like me, because if you don't then you suck.
I'm 23 and too lazy to write any more. But first entries are important.
Diaries are important, secrets are important.

With that being said: